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DOG POO SOLUTIONS is a subsidiary of BIO-ENZYM Ltd who specialise in the production of eco-friendly biological enzyme solutions for the home and garden.

We harness the power of nature to provide a range of ethical products used to break down organic waste helping to preserve the natural beauty of the environment and our water courses.

As one of the largest suppliers of biological enzymes products in Europe, we understand the conditions required for 'friendly bacteria' to thrive resulting with superior products that decompose organic waste fast and effectively.

We have developed a high quality DOG POO composter that works! It is designed in such a way that dog poo in the biological enzyme chamber is broken down most efficiently with the help of our DOG decomPOOser.



Our composters come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. They are designed with high quality materials offering a 25 year guarantee.

The resulting compost provides a rich source of nutrients that surrounding plant life may absorb.



Our decomposer is an eco-friendly, extra strong blend of highly active non-pathogenic micro-organisms that biologically decompose dog poo rapidly.

Furthermore, this biological enzyme formula significantly reduces unpleasant odours emitted from the composter.

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